Sunday, December 7, 2008

To the new students

The one thing you need to do in this class to be successful is just do your work and keep on the ball. The client project is really cool because you actually work with a real client and Angela really helps you to show you how to do everything. So you just need to get along with your group which shouldn't be a problem. Everyone in the group just needs to pull together and to their share of the work and the project should be a breeze. Also, don't be afraid to speak you ideas because the whole idea of the project is to be creative to try and help a real organization. You will also learn how to prepare all kinds of business letters which you will really need to know for when we get out of school and into our careers so make sure you pay attention so you can use these tools to help yourself. During the semester you will have a lot of assignments you will have to do using technology such as blogs and making your portfolios. None of it should be hard for anyone since we are the technology generation and plus Angela explains everything and makes it simple. So all in all just do your work and try not to wait until the last minute and you should have a great semester. Good luck to everyone!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Reflect Client Project

I have had a great time working with the Helping Hands of Clemson. This project has helped shjow me a few tings about working professionally with a real client so I know how to work with them when I really get out into the workforce. Especaially learning how to do real memos, emailing the client directly and using a bussiness preofessional email, and lastly preparing a propsal for them. This project has also been a good experience because we are actually doing something to help an organization that is helping unfortunate kids. My team was a great team which we all had great ideas and a couple of different working habits. so I think it helped to learn how to work with each other to get some really important done. Communication was the key to our group and just getting our tasks done on time also so the other teram members could do what they needed to. So, in all I have had a great time doing the project. our last bump in the road is to try and figure out the best way to make a budget the less expensive and still accomplish our idea we wanted to help the Helping Hands get out there.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dual Coding Theory

Well in the picture you see two sets of words so it makes you pay attention and read it to find out what it is an ad for. The words that popped out to me the most were the words "We Believe" because they were bigger, in the middle, and more clear. Then I saw the "Practice Like Champions" above the door. That made me think of a football or another sports locker room. It made think of the team walking out seeing that they believe they can win as long as they put their heart into the game and practice like champions. The words "We Believe" were outside the locker room and felt like a motto for that team and school. Then you have the words "Practice Like Champions" that you could tell was written on a spur of the moment thing maybe by a coach just for his players to read and motivate them. So, you have to sayings that go hand in hand with practicing and playing big games all the time, and they are there to inspire and motivate in different ways but for the same reason.


Hey Mrs. Rogers I was just posting this blog because on the to do list last week it didn't have anything about doing a blog. Then I just saw the blog topic when I went to the blog site for this weeks blog.

One of the many times miscommunication happened in the work place was when I worked at a Japanese restaurant as a server. At the end of the night each server would be assigned side work to clean up certain stations and get everything ready for the next day of work. A lot of times servers would try to get the easy side work so they could get done the quickest so they could get off. So, many times people would say they are doing a certain station without letting some servers know and then those servers would also try to start the same side work. Then when we realized we were doing the same side work one person would have to stop and start one of the stations that hadn't been started, so servers would always get mad when this happened because they got behind and the other server ended up getting extra help with their side work which was the easy one to begin with. A solution that finally got brought up was the manager or assistant manager would make the side work list and assign servers to it before we started work . That way it was fair and we would all know who was doing what and we would rotate so servers would not always get stuck doing the same work.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mock Interview Reflection

This blog is about my reflection on my mock interview I had last week for an internship with the Atlanta Braves. Here are the questions and answers I had to reflect on after my interview.

1. Were you nervous? How did you deal with this?

I wasn’t really nervous; I just didn’t really know what to expect doing a mock interview with m teacher. I have had numerous interviews and I have even had a mock interview before, but it was with someone that worked with the company and I did not know them. So, the fact I knew my teacher that was performing the mock interview threw me off guard because I didn’t know how real it would be. It turned out great in the end I think because I did feel like I was interviewing for my internship with a lot of the questions that she asked.

2. Did you get any questions that threw you? How did you handle those questions?

I really didn’t have any question that threw me off because like I said I have had many interviews so I have heard the majority of the questions asked before. Since I have been asked many of these questions before I have become better prepared and also from reading interview tips from the website article has also gotten myself better prepared for new questions.

3. If you could do the interview again, what would you do differently?

If I were to do the interview again the two main things I would make sure to do would be to keep my posture up the whole time and speak slowly. I think I began to slouch a little into the interview because I got comfortable since the interview was with my teacher and not a real one. Also, Angela pointed out to make sure I speak slow because I have the whole interview time to make myself look good and not to be in a rush.

4. What did you learn from this experience?

What I learned from this mock interview experience was new techniques to answer questions and also to always have questions for the interviewer at the end to show your interest in the company. I also came away with two faults I had with my posture and talking fast so I make sure not to do those things in real interviews in the future.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


All the presentations I saw this week were great. I learned a lot of new things and they were interesting to watch. The 3 that stick out in mind to me were Kelly's about dark chocolate, Mark's about the Chevy Volt, and Ken's about super cars. Kelly's presentation was well organized and I learned something I would have never thought, and that is that dark chocolate is actually good for you. It was also a bonus that she gave out the Dove candy, I really enjoyed that. Mark's presentation was also interesting to me because I love cars and always reading about new ones coming out, but I guess I missed the Volt. I had not heard of this car yet so it was cool to learn about it and see the new concept Chevy had with a electric car with a small engine that help charged the battery back up when it ran out of power. Then Ken's presentation was also interesting like I said because I enjoy learning about cars. And just like Ken his topic is something I like about cars too, SPEED! He had awesome pictures to go along with his slides and gave all the interesting facts about them that make those cars supercars. So, that is the three presentations that I saw this week that really stuck out to me.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Free Topic...What happened Clemson?

I decided for my free topic I am going to write about the game yesterday and just rant and get my frustration out. I have no clue what happened in the second half. We had a great first half with 17 points and really should have been 21 because I think we should have scored on our first drive the way we moved the ball up the field, but we couldn't finish and had to settle for a field goal. Then Davis and Spiller had an amazing 1st half with statistics that running backs usually have for the entire game with about 100 rushing yards and 1 touchdown each. Then we came out in the second half and just lost all our momentum. The three turnovers really killed us and some questionable calls were also made. Spiller's second touchdown was called back for a questionable holding call I really agree. And then there was the most horrible spot we got on the fourth down call. Anyway we should not been in that predicament trying to rush down the field to score or tie the game up. WE should have been in control the second half we the lead and finished out the game like we played in the 1st half. But we can change what happen so hopefully the team won't let this loss get them down and we come back strong against Wake and finish out the season so we can make it to the ACC game which we have the team to get us there.